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We harvest wild native seeds for the United States Government and private companies for reseeding and reclamation.


After a construction company builds Windmills, they are required to replant the cleared land.  Premier Seed can be your provider.


When a portion of your mine closes, we can help you reclaim the land with the proper seed mix to meet environmental criteria.


After a construction company installs a solar farm, they are required to replant the cleared land.  Premier Seed can be your provider.



Natural monuments are only as beautiful as the ecosystem that surrounds it.  Let Premier Seed be your resource for keeping monument land vital.


Burn areas are in special need of native seed to maintain animal ecosystems and keep out invasive plants.  Premier Seed has over 200 species of Western Native Seeds.


Whether it is flame-retardant plants or a continuance of native plants you need to restore the road construction area, we have many options to meet your specific needs.


The impact that a fire has on an area is largely based on how well the area is revitalized afterward.  Erosion, invasive species, discontinuance of environment, and peripheral damage to surrounding areas are all consequences of leaving the area without proper revegetation techniques.

Helicopter drops seed mix on scorched aftermath of Wheeler Fire.

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We grow, process, harvest and sell over 200 species of native and naturalized seeds. Customers use our materials for restoration, beautification, reclamation and conservation. We have the right natives for every environment. We understand your needs and will offer you the best solutions. 

We have been selling seeds and plugs since 1995.
We know you want the best price from the most reliable seed company.


We know the red tape you must go through. We will make the process as smooth and as quick as possible. Here are agencies we work with.
Custom Seed Collections

Do you need seeds or plugs that may not appear on our website? No problem! We can deliver plants that are custom developed for your landscape, terrain, altitude and climate. Tell us about your restoration project and we will collect and deliver seeds and plugs that are best adapted to the environment—just one generation away!

Justin Dean


Justin has been in the Native Seed Business for over 25 years. He has experience working with many different types of customers both Government and Commercial.  Justin is a graduate of the University of Utah and is an avid entrepreneur and outdoorsman.


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