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Solar Farm Reclamation

Everyone likes a solar farm that looks great. Our seeds and advice will help you get site permits easier because the public will appreciate the beauty our seeds provide. Plus, good seeds will lower your annual maintenance costs. Finally, the right seeds will attract the right pollinating insects. Everyone wins. 

We harvest wild native seeds for the United States Government and private companies for reseeding and reclamation.

Plug Plants Save Time.

Plugs are seedlings that have been germinated and grown in trays of small cells. When the roots have grown sufficient, the plants can be easily pushed out of the trays and either transplanted into larger pots or planted outside in the ground.

Mining Reclamation

We love heavy-metal. Not the music! We are talking about grasses for mining reclamation, grown near mines. Our grasses offer the optimum seedling emergence including the percentage of cover, stand persistence and survival on these metal-impacted sites. 

Wind farm


We are experts and the revegetation, restoration and stabilization of wind tower sites, transmission lines and access roads to these wind farms. 

Save the Monarchs!

Asclepias is commonly known as Showy Milkweed and rightly so. The flowers look like an explosion of stars and are fragrant. Butterflies find them attractive for nectar and the monarch caterpillars enjoy munching the leaves. It is a major host plant of the monarch butterflies in the Western part of the US.

200+ Seed Species

We grow, process, harvest and sell over 200 species of native and naturalized seeds. Customers use our materials for restoration, beautification, reclamation and conservation. We have the right natives for every environment. We understand your needs and will offer you the best solutions. 

Save the Monarch Butterflies! Now offering Showy Milkweed [Asclepias]. Learn More


At Premier Seeds, we give you only high-quality seeds which have superior production potential as defined by the following factors:

1. High varietal purity

2. Known origin of seed

3. High germination ability

4. Little or no other crop seed, weed seed, and/or inert matter

5. Strict tolerances for certain seed-borne diseases

6. Free of noxious weed seeds

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